Business Casual for Women Guidelines

Dressing up in business casual for womenstyle is one of the perfect styles for summer. When you enjoy traveling and playing, most people don’t care too much about what you wear. But they do care about what you wear when you are in the office. Business casual is different from the casual style for daily activity. You cannot dress up like the style for traveling or hangout in office because it will not show your professionalism at all. It will also affect the way of how people treat you and even it might slow down the promoting process of you. That is why you better to avoid the casual style in the workspace.


Meanwhile, the description of business casual for womenor men must be a business look with a little touch of casual style. It is perfect for your work hours in the hot weather of summer. Find some tips below to get a perfect business casual style for women.


First, even it has casual word, then you cannot choose jeans to make your business look more comfortable. High waist jeans with dark wash look might be considerable since all holes patched and frays cut are finished and you can match them with other fashion items to strengthen the business look.Besides, never choose clothing with logo, brand name, or image on it. Choose the appropriate items like skirts, slacks, blouses, dresses, shoes and accessories.



Choose any comfortable clothing with the right fabric; linen or cotton or even the more luxurious fabrics. The outfits should be fit perfectly; not too large, not too small, not too short, and not too tight. The key to get a business casual look is combining the business look with something that is in more casual look. For example, combining a blazer with a simple cotton dress, wearing a slack or skirt combined with a shirt, or something else.


Shoes and Accessories

For the hot weather of summer, you cannot wear stockings for the business casual outfit. Wear a pair of shoes to have a formal look or choose strappy heels or wedges to have the business casual look and comfortable style in the summer work hours. But never wear sandals or flip-flops because it is only a perfect choice for company picnic.


Get one accessories to make a statement and then let all other things small to prevent too crowded style. For example, if you wear a big necklace, then don’t add big earrings too. It is also applicable for your makeup style; have one focus to maximize the makeup. If you have used bold color for the lips, then you should apply simple makeups for the cheeks and eyes, vice versa. Complete the look by choosing the right color of bag. It will make your outfit perfect and you have a maximal business casual look.


Those are the important points about business casual for womendressing up for summer office days. Keep in mind that you cannot be very casual for this office look.